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Radiation Safety

Radiation Protection Expert – RPE

The use of radiation is associated with safety and security risks. Radiation Protection Expert will assess the risks with you and is helping to specify safety arrangements on to appropriate level on the basis of the risks. Risk-based safety approach applies both to the operator and the authority’s activities.

Radiation Protection Expert of HARC International is to assist your company or office in the situations when you are conducting changes in the use of radiation.

New provisions which are presented in few years ago published Radiation Act have remarkable effects in the work of operators . We are helping you in implementing these requirements in everyday use of radiation.

Our Radiation Protection Expert has a long experience in the use of radiation in industry as well in regulatory activity nationally and internationally. He has both the Radiation Protection Officer and Radiation Protection Expert qualifications in the use of radiation in industry and research.

Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) qualification is personal. Harc International appoints an Expert for your disposal. Please contact us for more information on safety related radiation expert services.

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